Is Esti Returning To 7de Laan

Coming up on 7de Laan this September 2020 By newNews self media writer 1 year ago Tuesday 1 September 2020 Scene 4908 Ivy and Romeo butt heads Lesedi expresses a desire for peace to Bonita Wednesday 2 September 2020 Scene 4909 Esti expresses gratitude toward Rickus for his assistance Marko finds an old HillsiderThe new 7de laan that was unveiled recently and that gave rise to many changes This included the rebranding of the popular opening scenes What was not expected was the sudden departure of many familiar actors who have been part of the show for some time Paula van der Lecq Diaan Lawrenson Gita McGregor Jo da Silva Errol Pieterse ChristoAndr L tter wat die rol vertolk van Rickus Welman in 7de Laan gesels oor sy sepie troue met Reandi Grey, wat die rol vertolk van Esti See how the story unfolds for the month of April 29 antwoorde op Wellus — Een van die 7 doodsondes Their only hope is the one teacher who is about to leave town for some other job— tL A mM a ng eae ee oe tee ee Section, ed tiesto ata ms coneapaie ID 7 —— preabes a Spats EPS SL EIS RBS ‘ res — ate mae ye re ee aN pate prion cbe cagtn
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