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Our priorities We have a vision for radical change in Europe We want a fairer society for everyone, where we work together to build a more sustainable way of life We want to put in place a new social contract at the heart of Europe We want to preserve our planet for future generations, for our childrenOur Priorities In 2020 23, World YWCA, YWCA member associations and YWCA leaders will Manifest a high level of commitment in strategic, tactical and day to day actions towards our shared Goal 2035 Demonstrate a high level of communication, transparency and accountability towards measured success based on feminist, faithbased and human rightsOur priorities for the 2019 – 2024 legislative period in the EU are A comprehensive plan to end animal experiments in the European Union with agreed milestones, targets and timetables To ensure that the bans on animal testing in cosmetics and the sale of animal tested cosmetics are implemented as intended so that Europe’s citizens can beOur priorities Our Responsible Business strategy focuses on the four priorities where we can best use our experience, scale and influence to bring about positive change in our business for our customers, supply chain, society and beyond Colleagues We will become a …These priorities include Program Development, Behavioral Health and Advocacy Program Development We take seriously our responsibility as good stewards of our resources and, on behalf of our patients, efficiently and effectively providing …Our strategic priorities for 2022 2024 As the national professional leadership organisation for social services in Wales, our vision is to ensure that children and adults in need, experience well being and achieve what matters to them by accessing the right care and support at the right time within their communities, and that we ensure vulnerable children and adults are safeguardedWhile the Policy Agenda is updated every year to reflect current legislative priorities , the Advocacy Agenda is meant to guide our work on long standing, persistent issues If legislation, regulations or executive actions are proposed relating to one of these issues, the Advocacy Agenda will help guide rapid response and other advocacy effortsBy learning how to prioritize our lives, we can make better decisions and get more done in less time And that will leave us with more headspace for what matters most We hope this article has given you some helpful tips on how to create routines and boundaries that work for you, as well as ideas for ways to organize your dayOur priorities are most visible in how we use our time Someone has said, “Three things never come back—the spent arrow, the spoken word, and the lost opportunity ” We cannot recycle or save the time allotted to us each day With time, we have only one opportunity for choice, and then it is gone foreverOur sustainability priorities Climate Science aligned climate action By scaling our green energy business while delivering science aligned carbon reductions, we enable and inspire others to deliver science based climate action Learn more Nature Green energy in balance with natureOur Priorities Since the mid 1800s, SMART members and those in their predecessor unions have successfully fought for new advances such as rail safety, the eight hour workday, an end to child labor, job site safety and health, retirement security, greater access to affordable health care, occupational training, and the advancement of theOur Priorities We want to improve the overall health of our population, help to stop people from becoming ill wherever possible, and make sure that everyone in Coventry and Warwickshire has equal access to care This is why NHS organisations are working with local councils to meet a ‘triple challenge’ of keeping people healthier, providingOur family priorities should fit within the context of our relationship with God and our role in His kingdom The purpose of marriage is to become a unit that is internally supportive and works together to serve God Part of that support and work relates to raising children and taking care of older parents We raise children to love and serve GodSafety for our people At GE, we put safety first Protecting our people and those doing work on our behalf across the globe is among GE’s top priorities We extend our safety expectations to all places where we work, including at our own operations, customer sites, in the field, and at our project installation and construction sitesOur priorities Our vision is a world where wildlife thrives We will achieve our vision by addressing three key conservation challenges to focus our efforts for the future These are based on our scientific research into the biggest conservation challenges facing wildlife and are areas where all aspects of our work can contribute to achievingOur priorities Explore by theme Fighting against the Covid 19 crisis Better governing the global commons climate, biodiversity, oceans, outer space Governing AI and ensuring cybersecurity Protecting the civic space in times of Covid 19 Fighting fake news and threats to the pressRealigning Our Priorities All of us have, at one time or another, named certain things as our quot priorities quot From time to time, when we become aware of our not doing something that is really important, we say, quot I have to make that a priority quot Lent is an important time to do a top to bottom review of what we value and what we actually do, inOur Priorities Mission United Housing provides quality housing opportunities to Mid South residents through financial coaching, mortgage lending, home building and renovation, and creative partnerships with public, private and nonprofit entitiesPriorities — BOELE Nicolette This is what I stand for I’m running as an independent for Bradfield because like most people in the electorate, I want to see real action on the issues that matter most climate change, the economy, integrity in federal politics and caring policies that make us proud to be AustralianOur 10 Tech Priorities Technology has transformed our lives, and will be at the heart of our recovery Here are the 10 ways DCMS intends to deploy digital tech to build back better, safer and stronger from COVID, and shape a new golden age for tech in the UKOur Priorities The first five years of a child’s life are some of the most critical The billions of neural connections created over these early, active years provide a strong foundation for children to build upon for the rest of their livesOur Priorities Washington State House Republicans Lowering taxes and making life more affordable Protecting our communities and families Holding state government and Gov Inslee accountable Empowering parents to help their children succeed “Republicans will continue to offer real solutions that provide Washingtonians with realOur Priorities An Exciting Time to Support our Medical Center A gift to support Columbia University Irving Medical Center will resonate beyond a single person or program By advancing research efforts, funding a student’s dream of a career in medicine, or boosting resources for improved patient care, your gift touches countless lives forThe Four Priorities of the Church At the 2001 General Assembly , the Christian Church Disciples of Christ adopted the 2020 Vision, which contained four priorities that guided the Church through the first two decades of the 21st century and …Our Priorities Home gt Our Priorities Every five years we plan, evaluate, and create our goals for the coming years We undertake this process in collaboration with people living in poverty and exclusion to ensure that our work is always anchored in …Our priorities are Advocate for public policies in support of our mission and shared objectives Catalyze collective efforts to achieve enduring and barrier free access to information Create diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible work environments, services, and collections Provide data and analytics on research libraries’ practicesUnderstanding why priorities change and how you can communicate your priorities to others can help you feel more confident Your priorities guide your attention and energy as you organize your daily, weekly or monthly schedule Your most important goals become your top prioritiesOur Priorities High Priorities With the limited unrestricted funds available, it is necessary to determine which grants can best be awarded to have the greatest impact on the needs and growth of the Wabash Valley The priorities are as followsGetting our priorities right It can become so easy for us to get wrapped up in all the things we need to do and the things that need to be accomplished that we lose sight of what the most important thing is Isn’t it possible that we can get too wrapped up in the cares of life Jesus makes this even more clear in the parable He told aboutDevelop region specific Industry Action Plans Our priority now is to develop the Regional FANinACTION Plans across the four regions Gympie, Moreton Bay, Noosa, and Sunshine Coast They will be industry led and identify the opportunities, priorities and actions that will guide FAN’s work locally, ensuring we are working on what mattersOur priorities Our values Peer Support Workers Smokefree News and events Events Media enquiries Social media and our video archive LGBT History Month For professionals Knowledge and Understanding Framework Family Therapy Training Health, social and care workers COVID 19 support service Recovery college Help us shape our offer as we move awayOur Priorities We give grants to 501 c 3 organizations, churches, schools, and government agencies serving Oceana County Because of limited financial resources at this time, the Foundation generally makes only one time grant commitments up to 5, 000 Longer term commitments may be considered for initiatives that show exceptional promiseOur Priorities Social mobility in Britain is low For a child born in the UK today, their educational opportunities and life chances are strongly linked to their parents’ socio economic background The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated many issues relating to educational opportunities and threatens to have a considerable impact on socialOur Priorities At the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, our priorities are reconciliation, youth engagement, gender equality, freedom of expression and the protection of documentary heritage The challenges and opportunities in these overlapping priorities inform our projects, partnerships and outreachOur purpose is to achieve change for our residents who are at the heart of everything we do Listening to our communities, understanding their experiences and aligning our priorities with theirs is the only way to ensure that the changes we make, and the partnerships we form, are all contributing to improving the lives of our residentsOur Priorities A closer look New approaches for a new reality As fewer Nova Scotians than ever are hurt on the job, those that are hurt spend much …Our stakeholders are our priority We operate in a dynamic international context, in which the involvement of stakeholders based on the values of honesty, transparency and open dialogue is essential in pursuing our goal of generating shared economic and social value By constantly enhancing the active involvement of our stakeholders , in aA Life Reflecting Our Priorities Read Luke 22 39 40 How can we use prayer to guide our priorities When Jesus said that the disciples should pray that they would not fall into temptation, what did that have to do with their priorities Temptation seeks to replace God s will for our life with Satan s will for our life Read Luke 22 41 42By learning how to prioritize our lives, we can make better decisions and get more done in less time And that will leave us with more headspace for what matters most We hope this article has given you some helpful tips on how to create routines and boundaries that work for you, as well as ideas for ways to organize your dayOur priorities must be set according to this standard the overriding goal of our Christian lives quot Set your mind on things above quot adjusts the focus of our attention so that we do not become distracted by things that are less important for any longer than needed, so that they occupy the right proportion and amount of time in our livesTrade opinions with your friends on the most zany and important debates of our time 11 99 Imposter Imposter is a lively after dinner game in which players use debate, bluff and logic to win points 13 99 “ Priorities is a n absolute must for Christmas and partiesOur Targets and Priorities Ak ansa acts with the HR vision of “being the most preferred employer by creating a unique work culturewhere the employees feel themselves valuable and learn continuously” The philosophy “Each executive is an HR executive” is used in all HR processes and systems carried out in line with people oriented, leadership development, talent …Our Advocacy Framework is a guide for all AusIMM members on the importance of being a professional advocate The framework sets out the aims of our advocacy work, explains our priority areas, and the role that members can play as confident and active advocatesPriorities — BOELE Nicolette This is what I stand for I’m running as an independent for Bradfield because like most people in the electorate, I want to see real action on the issues that matter most climate change, the economy, integrity in federal politics and caring policies that make us proud to be AustralianAdhesives and sealants use a broad range of substances and are applied in many different products from all industry sectors This means that FEICA is covering a large number of topics and policy discussions Some of our key topics are EPDs, PU training, Good Practice, REACH and CLP, and Food Contact Executive Summaries FEICA prioritiesPriorities Alkimos College has 4 priorities as follows Creating a culture of ‘Success for all Students’ ‘High Quality Teaching and Leadership’ ‘Engagement and Wellbeing’ ‘Positive relationships and Partnerships’ Within our Business Plan 2020 – 2022, our Priorities are a statement of intent about what our collegeOur plans amp priorities Prevention More action on and improvements in the upstream prevention of avoidable illness and its exacerbations Click here to read more about our Population Health Management approach Proactive care, self management and personalisationCONTACT INFO 1 847 675 4700 4989 Lamia Way, Oceanside CA 92056 morris travelpriorities com www travelpriorities com State of California CST 2129272 50 Morris Stroz, CTC President of Travel Priorities Our 1 Priority is your Complete SatisfactionOur priorities As a CCG, our priority is to ensure that we are improving the health of our population We are committed to improving health and care outcomes for the people of our district At the moment, our key priority areas include Care to address all of a person’s needs, delivered by people with a combination of skills working as one teamOur Legislative Priorities Over the past six decades, numerous education and civic organizations have led programs and shared resources for students, educators, and the general public to participate in learning about how our government and legal process functions, and has evolved over the past centuriesOur Priorities Our work is shaped by the concerns that local people raise with us in West Sussex Find out what we plan to focus our work on in 2022 22 Prioritising our work As health and care services seek to cope with the aftermath from pausing services where people have struggled to get their health and care needs met and or delayedOur Priorities As an intermediary organization, LISC leverages and strategically invests in the collective power of community based organizations, neighbors, donors, and advocates Our work is comprehensive, effective and—most importantly—rooted in what neighbors want for themselves, their families and the places they call homeThe following four priorities guide our work in Latin America Healthy Rainforests Tropical rainforests are the oldest and most diverse ecosystems on the planet Undisturbed by ice ages for roughly 20 million years, rainforests have evolved to harbor a rich network of flora and fauna found nowhere else on Earth Although rainforests span onlyOur Priorities The Commission partners, plans, facilitates and promotes development that results in the Wheatbelt being a place of choice to live, work and invest Projects extend to business and industry, education, employment and training, health, tourism, recreation and marketing Photography Credit PUBLIC Silo Trail, Newdegate 2018 byOur Strategy is collaboration for better health and justice outcomes Vision To reshape health and legal services around the people they are here to help Mission To use our role as a centre of excellence to connect research, experience from practice and policy advocacy to improve how health, social and legal service systems respond to complexity in people’s lives and its impact …Our Goals Each of our priorities has corresponding goals Goals allow us to define our success and ensure that our improvement initiatives impact our Strategic Priorities The best goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound SMART Increase overall patient satisfaction Improve patient safety ratingsOur Priorities Our policy areas Curriculum and assessment Policy research Pupil support and safeguarding Recruitment and retention Structures, inspection and accountability Equality diversity and inclusion Priority campaignsGet involved Our priorities Get involved It’s not all about the pipes There’s a lot happening at NGN We’re committed to creating jobs and training opportunities for local people, helping customers in vulnerable situations to stay healthy and warm and paving the way for clean, sustainable forms of fuelOur Funding Priorities Before the Community Fund was launched, residents and communities hosting the Pen y Cymoedd wind farm were widely consulted and asked the question What could this Fund do to bring real benefit to the local area The Prospectus was developed following these local discussions and conversationsThe 2022 issues action priorities selected by the ORMA membership are listed below Our priority working groups, composed of affiliated and unaffiliated ORMA members and supporters, strive to advance these priorities and welcome active participation and engagement with other progressives interested in lobbying, issues advocacy, electoral representative politics, and …ANZ s ESG Priorities See all Business Loans and overdrafts Check out our flexible loans and cash flow options to seize your next business opportunity Business credit cards Grow your business potential with one of our business credit cards Business accounts Accounts and term deposits to help you manage your cash flow and earn interest Merchant and payments From …Our priorities for brain tumour research Brain tumour survival remains low, and has changed little in over a generation, which is why we made them a strategic priority as one of our cancers of unmet need We ve identified the top themes which we believe need to be addressed in order to transform the fieldOur priorities Our priorities COPFS has prioritised some categories of cases due to the seriousness of the crimes involved and the impact on victims and communities Our Victim Information and Advice service helps victims, witnesses and bereaved next of kin through the criminal justice process by keeping them informed of key events andOur Maryland Priorities Share Clean Water Action is a national grassroots organization with 53, 000 members in Maryland We work for clean, safe, and affordable water, whether in the streams, rivers or Chesapeake Bay, or from the tap through grassroots organizing, policy work, and campaigns Check out our current priority campaignsMary Tinetti, MD, is the Gladys Phillips Crofoot Professor of Medicine and Public Health and Chief of Geriatrics at Yale School of Medicine In her earlier work, she identified the causes, adverse consequences, and effective prevention of fall injuries in older adults and translated these findings into clinical and public health practiceOur research priorities come under our overall research themes and include Strengthening seed sector Supporting sustainable agro input supply and use Strengthening national agricultural research and extension systems Scaling models – public private partnerships Engaging youth in agricultureOur Priorities Climate and Water Climate change is fundamentally altering the hydrologic cycle, from changes in extreme droughts and floods, to melting snow and ice, to impacts on water quality and disadvantaged communities The Pacific Institute assesses climate change’s impacts on water, identifies climate adaptation strategies, and offersOur Priorities Halfway to our goal year of 2025 to make West Michigan a top 20 employment region, the board and staff evaluated focus areas, choosing two priorities to drive change Workforce Diversity and Inclusion and Early Literacy These priorities encompass several working groups, and each has identified practices that should be taken to scaleAs we rapidly expand our connections worldwide and move further along the spectrum from “diagnose and treat” to “cure and prevent” serious or complex medical conditions, generous benefactors have the power to help us deliver on this vision These are our strategic priorities for creating the future of health careOur Priorities INFORMATION The goal of the SRHR Alliance is to deliver SRHR information directly to young people, by making sure content is made available meaning that the information is accessible to young people and is delivered to young people through strategic dissemination such as social mediaWhile we like to set priorities for our tasks, we often forget what’s really important Instead of focusing on urgent but irrelevant tasks, take the time to evaluate which activities return the highest reward As Dwight D Eisenhower put it “What Is Important Is Seldom Urgent and What Is Urgent Is Seldom Important ”Our Priorities Humanitarian Our Humanitarian Programme provides a distinct model for delivering life saving sexual and reproductive healthcare in crises We connect key elements of humanitarian action with long term developmentBy learning how to prioritize our lives, we can make better decisions and get more done in less time And that will leave us with more headspace for what matters most We hope this article has given you some helpful tips on how to create routines and boundaries that work for you, as well as ideas for ways to organize your dayWhat should our priorities be We should focus on things that will last for eternity This is what we see Jesus do in the last part of Luke 4 Luke 4 42 44 shows us that Jesus knew His priorities and purpose Jesus knew what to put first and what He had been sent to earth to do It is these things He focused onOur Priorities We aim to prepare future health professionals to meet the needs of the 21st century with a population that is the most diverse in U S history and who may live longer than any previous generation We are focusing on the learning environments where our future health professionals train so that they learn not only prevention andOur Priorities Coastal Emerging Harbors Funding for the nation’s small ports remains a challenge PNWA works to ensure that our region receives funding for maintenance dredging and jetty repairs at federal projects that serve Oregon and Washington coastal communitiesOur Priorities – United States of Care Our Current Priorities We prioritize improvements informed by our desired outcomes that will build the health care system people want and need Without question, our nation’s elected leaders face monumental challenges in improving our health care system The improvements to the health care system1501 Langston Boulevard Suite 202 Arlington, VA 22209 1145 Phone 703 524 3336 Fax 703 524 3364Our Priorities After decades of powering action through evidence, we recognize health priorities and expertly facilitate progress between diverse stakeholders determining the health of tomorrow We have the courage to catalyze change As a health policy accelerator driven to improve the wellbeing of the people, we shape essential systemsOur Priorities The Office of Wildland Fire supports a variety of priority efforts to bring increased safety and effectiveness to the nation s wildland fire community Through 2026, a significant priority for the Office of Wildland Fire will be the implementation of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which provides a once in a generationOur Priorities New advances have created new possibilities to transform the diagnosis, treatment, and management of lung cancer And yet, progress in survival rates for lung cancer has paled in comparison with progress in other types of cancer 4, 18, 19, 20 Presently, only about one in five lung cancer patients are alive five years after they are diagnosed 5 We must …Our Priorities As a community, scleroderma advocates are focused on outreach to United States Senators and Representatives to increase their understanding of scleroderma and its dramatic impact on the health of individuals and families Symptoms of scleroderma can derail a person’s life and end a career or cause isolation from peer groupsOur priorities The University’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy identifies ten priority areas in which we will take action to address the global challenges of …Our Priorities To turn our vision into reality, we are committed to five strategic priorities that guide our work Advocate for progressive policies and programs that support the growth of organic, regenerative and sustainable agriculture Educate consumers on the benefits of and increase access to foods that are produced using organicOur Priorities Strategic Priorities , Goals, and Actions for 2018 2022 RMRA‟s first Strategic Plan presents the strategic priorities , goals and actions identified by our local communities, through community consultation and engagement Our Regional Strategic Priority PlanOur priorities include Electoral reform, to ensure that citizens’ votes count, that turnout is high and elections are fair Building an open and responsive democracy in which power can be challenged, devolved and held accountable Supporting a thriving democratic culture that is inclusive, collaborative, and encourages participationOur key priorities Our areas of strategic focus We are proud of our work and continuously innovate in order to deliver against our mission of improving the health and wealth of the nation through research Alongside the work to deliver our core workstreams, we have identified areas where the environment is changing and where we need to workDownload a PDF Version of ECA’s Priorities As Elders Climate Action members, we will take action, collectively and individually, to champion policies that will bring the Climate Crisis to an end We will use our influence to promote the immediate and comprehensive changes necessary to limit the harm to future generations from thePriorities — BOELE Nicolette This is what I stand for I’m running as an independent for Bradfield because like most people in the electorate, I want to see real action on the issues that matter most climate change, the economy, integrity in federal politics and caring policies that make us proud to be AustralianWe prioritize what matters to our clients Our team has spent decades working in and following the legal market, and we believe in processes that are agile, customizable, and deeply attentive to the needs of our clients Every engagement is unique, and our approach to each search is collaborative, efficient, and transparentOur strategic priorities The customer and retail landscapes in our target markets are evolving rapidly In South Africa, most retailers have large market shares more than 10 but are facing a low growth market which is causing increased category …Our Priorities At Mississippi First, we are dedicated to advancing the best education policy ideas through the policy continuum —research and analysis, public awareness and issue education, advocacy, implementation, and evaluation Each year we evaluate our past goals and create an updated strategic plan for the upcoming yearOur Priorities Our global COVID 19 Response aims to Limit the spread of COVID 19 and reduce its impact on vulnerable children and families through four strategic objectivesOur Priorities We are a union made up of over 148, 000 home care and family child care providers throughout California Like all work done by women and people of color, care work has been historically excluded from the labor rights and protections afforded to other fieldsCrown Law s annual report summarises our priorities and the corporate performance of the practice Charters Our Charter PDF, 585 0 KB The DJAG Charter is an aspirational document and sets out the principles and commitments that guide our approach and behaviour for building a strong organisation, fit for current and future purposes and successFind 21 ways to say PRIORITIES , along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus com, the world s most trusted free thesaurusOur priorities Main content Libraries are more relevant now than ever Today’s information universe continues to increase, not only in scale and complexity, but in pollution Libraries continue to lead the way through this landscape They are crucial, trustworthy interpreters when it can be hard for the average person to source and vetOur Priorities Our Trust priorities are P Putting our patients and communities first R Right first time I Invest our resources wisely D Develop and nurture our colleagues E Ensure improvment through effective partnerships Plan on a page 2020 2022 our …Our ESG priorities We prioritize the ESG issues that offer the greatest potential for Walmart to create shared value issues that rank high in terms of relevance to our business and stakeholders as well as Walmart’s ability to make a difference Based on our most recent ESG priority assessment, 213 we have organized our ESG priorities intoOur priorities Find out more about NHS Kernow’s priorities , commissioning intentions and the Francis report Assurance frameworks An assurance framework is a structure which identifies how an organisation will gain assurance evidence of achievement, or otherwise against a set of objectives, targets or requirements It typicallyDiageo s priorities are to build thriving communities, reduce our environmental impact and maintain leadership in alcohol in society Read more about it hereOur Strategic Priorities We are working towards zero leprosy transmission, zero leprosy disability, and zero leprosy discrimination Zero Leprosy Transmission By 2035 we want to see zero transmission of leprosy we will do everything we can so that by 2035, children can be born without being at risk of leprosy because it is no longer beingOur Priorities In year 1, the Elgin OHT partners will focus on the respiratory health of Elgin county residents who are 65 and older This population has been selected for a number of reasons, including 18 1 of Elgin County population is 65 years of age or older compared to 16 7 of Ontario residents Source Statistics Canada 2016 Census
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